January 19, 2015: 

Today, I wanted to get the basics of my website complete and then I realized. Wow. You are really going to do this. You have really signed to have your book published. You are really going to co-author a book with another author. Say what? Yes. It’s official. I am an writer and I’ve always been a writer.

Now, I will write to my students. I’ve heard their stories, felt their pain, and wiped away many of tears. Now, I want to tell them my story without telling them it’s my story. I want to share with them other stories without sharing those names.

My first book, Shades of My Tears, is based off of true events. You know the saying, you’ve wouldn’t believe it unless you see it? Well, I’ve seen it and I’m telling all. For all pre-teen and teenagers. Honestly, this book is for women because I know many of women deal with the same thing because it can be a never ending cycle.

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